Tip #88: Grow Your Business Reach for a Higher Success Rate

Tip 88 - Exploring new opps

A growing company is a successful company. When you’re trying to sell your business, getting your hooks into new expansion opportunities can help you attract potential buyers.

Developing a strategy for growing your company can be a tricky process, but the effort is worth it. People will be far more interested in buying a business that has potential for growth opportunities than one that has remained stagnant for years.

Six Ways to Expand into New Marketing Opportunities

  1. Focus on Sales: Sales are a crucial part of making your business look attractive to potential buyers. Especially if you are a new company, spending a large portion of your day on sales will go a long way toward increasing revenue.
  2. Consider Opening a New Location: If your business is successful, perhaps it’s time to grow! This could mean just opening a new location, or converting your business into a franchise. Buyers will be attracted to the fact that your business is getting bigger and more successful.
  3. Merge or Acquire Another Business: Scope out companies that are similar to yours and weigh the benefits of combining efforts. Two is usually better than one.
  4. Diversify Your Services: Come up with complimentary products or services you can offer your clients. You may also consider finding products or services to import. Diversifying can work wonders toward filling seasonal voids and increasing profits.
  5. Network: This may mean scouting for opportunities at trade shows and conferences, or traveling to new markets in search of work.
  6. Use Social Media to Promote Your Business: Social media is the new norm. Your customers are using these platforms to connect with and discuss their favorite businesses. Building a base of followers online will go a long way toward attracting a new buyer.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Selling a business is a lengthy process with many steps involved, but by putting in extra time to grow your business, you are going to get a better price for your company.

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