As a business owner, you have worked very hard all your life building a profitable and sustainable business. Once you decide to exit your business, your last few decisions as a business owner are vital to ensure that you keep your business legacy alive while receiving compensation for your years of hard work at the closing table when the business is sold.

If you are thinking about beginning this stage of your life, you should contact us at The Bridlebrook Group. We do much more than a traditional broker. A Philadelphia area business broker at The Bridlebrook Group will advise you throughout the very difficult process of selling a business, from the initial contact to the finish at the closing table.

Since value and confidentiality are the key drivers of these transactions, we will perform a no obligation value analysis on your business before you make any commitment to move forward. Even if you have just started thinking about it, you should call us for a free consultation. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Located in Delaware County, The Bridlebrook Group has the experience, the skills and the local knowledge necessary to help you sell your Chester County business.

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How to Sell a Business in Chester County

A big part of the selling process involves marketing, which can be time consuming enough without also managing a business full time. The Bridlebrook Group will take care of the marketing and sales process, so you can concentrate on your many daily responsibilities. We do our best to simplify the selling process for you.

We handle each and every detail, from beginning to end. Our team will assess business value, prepare the business for market, identify and contact qualified buyers, negotiate the best deal for you, and working with your lawyer and accountant, drive the deal to the closing table. Although we’ll handle almost all of the day to day interactions, every major decision is made with your input and approval.

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Start With Your Business Value

It’s necessary that we determine the value of your business before we can begin the sales process. As part of our services, we offer our potential clients a free, no-commitment business value analysis. The ability to accurately determine the most probable selling price and deal terms is something that can only come with years of industry experience. The Bridlebrook Group has been using our proprietary value system and our industry knowledge to successfully analyze value for over fifteen years.
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Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more about the selling process, please call The Bridlebrook Group at (610) 325-7066 or contact us via email. We value your privacy and will keep all information confidential. In addition to Chester County, we offer our business broker and advisory services throughout Delaware County, Montgomery County, and the states of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and New York.