Jeff and the Bridlebrook group were recommended to me by another broker who was not a good fit for selling a company of our size. After our first in person meeting, I was very comfortable with Jeff’s knowledge and experience. Once we began the process, his behind the scenes work made the entire process considerably less stressful than I was expecting. From valuing the company, to listing it, to vetting potential buyers, to setting up interviews and finally to hammering out the details of the sale, Jeff kept everything organized and running on schedule. He was also invaluable as a sounding board for any questions or concerns I had as we progressed. My priority was finding the right fit, a buyer that my employees would be comfortable working for and that would want to retain all of the employees. There was never any pressure from Jeff to accept the highest offer or to hold out for more money, everything was done to find what I considered to be the right buyer which we accomplished.

Jeff Jennings, Springfield Paper Specialties

I used The Bridlebrook Group for the sale of a multi-location medical spa which I started and ran for 15 years.

Once I decided to sell, things moved swiftly.  Jeff was extremely thorough in the information-gathering stage of the process.  After analyzing our reports, he asked additional questions to clarify everything. This part took a few weeks. Then he officially presented my business for sale.

Within the first week we were busy arranging our schedules to accommodate all the first round meetings with many interested and vetted buyers. Jeff was present and in charge at all these meetings. It was obvious that he was my advocate/broker (me being the seller), and that he knew the numbers and facts of my business very well. All the work he did in the run-up to putting it on the market became really clear, which was really helpful as we met with all the potential buyers.  In addition, Jeff was adept at fielding all the offers we had and advising us on how to play each situation. In less than two weeks we had a deal for more than our asking price.

As we moved toward the finish line both Jeff and Bill kept me informed and patiently explained things to me multiple times.  I really felt like I had an experienced and adept key player on my side from start to finish.  Choosing The Bridlebrook Group was a great decision. I can’t imagine things going any more smoothly or turning out better than they did.

Beth DiBella, President, Bella Medspa

Thanks, Jeff. I am very grateful for your tireless efforts in bringing our search for new owners to a successful conclusion. It has been a rewarding experience working with you, especially since we seemed to be on the same page about most of the issues we faced along the way. I have no doubt that you made my role in this process much easier than it might have been otherwise.

Michael Collins, Vice President, Englewood Company, Inc.

I could not be happier with my experience with Jeff at The Bridlebrook Group. Jeff’s professionalism and knowledge in guiding me through the sale process surpassed my expectations.

He was there from start to finish, valuing the business, negotiating the deal, keeping the buyer on track and on time, and dealing with the lender and state requirements. Basically, he handled every nuisance to get it done. It would have cost me thousands more in legal costs if Jeff was not there.

Picking the wrong broker could have been a disaster. I am so happy I found him. I assure you The Bridlebrook Group and Jeff are the ones you want.

Eric W., President, Custom Closet Manufacturing & Installation Company


We have enjoyed working with you and really appreciate the professionalism and diligence you brought to the transaction. I have no doubt about the quality of the outcome we achieved. Don’t hesitate to use me as a reference, if it will help you in the future.

Ken Horton, CEO, Vizinex RFID

When I decided it was time to sell the plumbing & heating business my father started, and I continued for the past 50 years, I interviewed several brokers. I decided to work with Jeff MacAdam of The Bridlebrook Group after our first meeting. Jeff had a great track record, hit all my bullet points and we hit it off personally.

It was important to me to sell to a buyer I was comfortable with beyond the money aspects of the sale. Jeff was very accommodating and never pressured me to accept an offer I wasn’t comfortable with.

Everything Jeff promised in that first meeting he did. He brought many qualified buyers to the table, worked out any issues that arose, and made me feel he and I were in total control of the situation.

He was with me right to the very end, guiding me and making me feel we sold to competent people, that valued the business my father started, and paid the price we believed the business was worth.

During a trying time like this I am so glad I picked Jeff MacAdam and The Bridlebrook Group to lead me through the process in a professional and anxiety free manner.

John DiRosato, Jr., John DiRosato Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.

Jeff’s knowledge of the complex process made the sale and transfer of the business smooth and seamless. I would highly recommend him for his honesty and professionalism.

Jeff Stein, Stein Tree Service

No doubt it was a great decision to choose Jeff MacAdam and The Bridlebrook Group to sell my business. I interviewed several different brokers, and Jeff stood “head-and-shoulders” above the rest. From the start, he was on top of every detail. Throughout the process, Jeff was communicative, professional, and on top-of-everything. I knew I could count on Jeff to handle every phase with competence. I would highly recommend Jeff!

Larry Bashore, President, VSN Photography LLC / PermAward

Selecting the right firm to represent me in the sale of my company was immensely important for obvious reasons.  After interviewing a couple brokers, I chose The Bridlebrook Group (Jeff MacAdam) and could not be happier with that decision.  Not too long after going to market, we had multiple offers – essentially the best case scenario for any seller.  I was then able to pick the buyer I felt was best, while working closely with Jeff through the process leading to closing.  Jeff’s experience and knowledge paid dividends for me and put me in the driver’s seat for one of the most important transactions of my life.  And at the same time, he was a pleasure to work with.

Tom Henry, iSIGN

Few words can describe how grateful I am for you. How incredibly fortunate I feel having been led to you. I believe we make a great team; we have shared values and vision, and we are “get it done” kind of people. I cannot even imagine how this journey would have unfolded had I not had your background, expertise, professionalism and personality leading me at every step. You have been the ultimate match for this huge undertaking. You have always gone above and beyond and said it was part of your job. I cannot wait to refer other business owners to you.

I consider you a lifelong friend, Bill. You have seen me through one of the most meaningful times of my life and we share that bond. I wish you and your company prosperity. You deserve it. There are few people like you and I am blessed we crossed paths.

Beverly Stewart, Founder, Back To Basics Learning Dynamics

Making the decision to sell my 50+ year family business was not an easy one.  But the time had come for me to move on.  After several meetings with Jeff and getting to know him a bit, it became apparent to me that he was the right person to trust.  He handled every step of the process from A to Z, always had the solution when difficult issues arose, and made me feel like I was his only client.  And throughout all this, his underlying empathy for what was an emotional juncture in my life was above and beyond what I would expect from a broker.  Hiring Jeff will put you in good hands, professionally and personally.

Eric Guckin, Appliance Doctor, Inc.

Fantastic in so many ways! I was thrilled with the level of service, professionalism and often overlooked in the world of business, the real care to find the right new owner at the right price. I was fortunate to work with Bill of The Bridlebrook Group when I decided to sell my distribution company that my Grandfather started in 1947.

There were reasonable offers sooner than I expected and we closed the deal inside of one year. Less than two years after the sale, Bill was my first contact when I began to think about my next business… Bill was right retirement may not be for me!

Sherri Lindner, Former Owner, JEB Plastics, Inc.

Bill and Jeff are professional, responsive, and truly know their craft. They were able to meet the aggressive timeline that was established at the beginning of our project. I would recommend The Bridlebrook Group to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. They offer a complete balance of diligence and competency – and they’re just a pleasure to do business with. I have been involved in other M&A transactions and have some real perspective on this matter.

Sunil Reddy, CEO, PerfectSoftware

Jeff, this is just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work over the past several months. You certainly made my life a lot easier while I was balancing the sale of my company with managing 60 employees and hundreds of customers. It was very comforting to know that you always had my best interests at heart and that I could trust you to make decisions as if you were me. You have an incredibly valuable and rare skill with what you do, and I feel extremely lucky that our paths crossed. It’s amazing how time flies… we have known each other for over 10 years and you have sold two of my companies! My experiences working with you have been better than great and I simply cannot give you a high enough recommendation. As you know I have been doing, your name will be brought up with any/all business owner friends of mine. I am sure we’ll be talking soon.

John DeMarco, Triton Landscaping LLC

When I decided it was the right time to sell my $million plus business, I realized that finding the right broker was essential to my success. I conducted a thorough internet search and initially called 19 firms. I then met with 9 in person and had second meetings with 4.

I chose Bill Doyle and The Bridlebrook Group for several key reasons:

A. Bill was able to demonstrate a substantial list of success stories.
B. He is an M&A attorney with significant experience in brokering small and large private and corporate businesses. This gave me comfort that there was no legal or business issues that he has not successfully handled/negotiated before. Because he is an attorney, I was able to keep my own attorney fee to a minimum.
C. The most important reason why I choose Bill and his firm was Bill’s highly positive and enthusiastic demeanor. He is a great salesman and I was confident that he could generate a strong sense of excitement about my business with potential buyers.

We sold my company almost 12 months from the day we listed it. Not surprisingly, the negotiations were complex and did not go smoothly with the buyer, his attorney or his lending institution. Bill was great throughout this ordeal. As he promised, he was always accessible. He answered/returned my calls at night, on the weekends and while having dinner with his wife! Although always positive, his advice was realistic and sound. Being an owner, I place the most importance on results. I received full list price (which I actually thought was a little aggressive) and 85% was paid in cash at the closing. The highest praise that I can give is that Bill was worth every dollar that I paid him because I pocketed a lot more money with him than I could have without him!

Joe Kran, CEO, Gateway International, Inc.

At the start of 2018 my wife and I had come to an agreement that we would consider selling her business that she started 36 years earlier. At one point she had had three locations and was now down to one. The sale of her second location did not go as smoothly as we had planned or hoped for so it was very important to us both that we find a more suitable business broker.

Our search led us to Jeff MacAdam and The Bridlebrook Group. Due to the nature of our business confidentiality was of the most importance. Both my wife and I agree that Jeff handled our transaction throughout with the highest professionalism that we could have expected. From his analysis of our business valuation through all of the contacts he made with potential buyers, Jeff worked tirelessly to ensure that my wife received the best value for her business and today she is now retired and living life just as she had hoped.

We would highly recommend Jeff as your business broker. He will treat you as if you were a part of his family but most importantly he will treat the business that you built with the same care you yourself put into helping the business grow.

Jim & Bonnie DePermentier, Former Owners, All My Children Child Care & Learning Center, LTD.

My brother, Pat, and I used The Bridlebrook Group to market and sell our freight & warehousing business located outside the Port of Wilmington – Diamond State Warehousing & Distribution. Diamond State was the 2nd business that we had started and we sold the 1st one – First State Recycling – in 2004 so we had some experience in what to expect when it came to the process of selling a business. I can assure you that Bill Doyle was not aware at our first meeting that he had 2 very skeptical brothers for business brokerages based on our unpleasant experience with the company that represented us in the first sale.

Both Pat and I were very “hands on” with both of our operations so we needed the organization who we contracted to carry the ball and handle this transaction, soup to nuts. Unfortunately, that did not happen with the 1st sale so we stressed to Bill that he was on a very short leash if we saw any indications that this process was headed in the same direction.

We shouldn’t have worried…Bill & The Bridlebrook Group hit the ground running and took the lead on this project right away and never wavered. I know there were instances where Bill & his group performed tasks that, in reality, should have been on my plate but they realized that this would delay the process because I would not be able to address them immediately.
On top of that, the bigger challenge The Bridlebrook Group had to face was selling our type of business which is by no means glamorous. Trucks, Trailers, primarily a Blue Collar Work Force, & significant government regulations make running…and selling…a trucking & warehousing operation that specialized in Produce ( Bananas & Pineapples ) quite a challenge.

We had some initial suitors that we considered but Bill did not think we were getting proper value for our business so he talked Pat and I off the ledge a couple of times. After 8 years of 90 – 100 hour work weeks and very few days off, we were in a desperate frame of mind and needed Bill to keep us grounded and our eye on the prize.

The deal we received for Diamond State was better than we could have hoped for and had the added bonus of the company that purchased us agreeing to lease our facility ( that we own ) for 5 years at a higher than market value rate.

We requested a quick close which was the final challenge to this puzzle that we gave The Bridlebrook Group but again, they came through with flying colors and expedited the sale in 1/2 the time that it took with the sale of our 1st business. I can’t tell you how many things I dumped on their lap to take care of because I did not have the time and they did it without hesitation.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Bill is just a damn good guy and about as honest as they come. As instrumental as he was in helping us sell Diamond State, I consider it just as important to call Bill my friend.

Rich Bastian, President - Diamond State Warehousing & Distribution

Dear Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for your efforts with the sale of my business.  Finding the right broker was the first critical step for me in finding the right buyer.  As you know, I care A LOT about my employees and was not willing to sell to just anyone.  You took that message to heart and helped to carefully sort through several different buyers until we found the best fit.  And I am very pleased with how things turned out, both with the fantastic buyer we found and working with you through the process.  My calls, texts, and emails were answered or responded to immediately.  You always kept a positive attitude even through some difficult bumps in the road.  Your knowledge and expertise enabled you to work constructively and efficiently with everyone involved in the deal.  I could have never guessed the amount of work and moving parts necessary to sell my business, and I slept easier knowing you had by back through it all.

Please feel free to use this as a letter of recommendation with other business owners that are looking to sell their company. I wish you all the best and expect we’ll be talking again soon.

Tom Curley, President, TC Electric Company

My client was working with Jeff MacAdam who went above and beyond to bring the deal to fruition, and believe me when I say it wasn’t without its challenges. Jeff was instrumental in every phase of the transaction, making himself available during “accountant’s hours” in order to achieve a successful result.

Ken Frebowitz, Partner, Herbein & Company, Inc.

I want to commend you on the job you did selling my business. From the very first time we met I was very impressed with your overall demeanor and your knowledge of how to address the situation. Prior to our meeting I wondered if selling my business was something I could do on my own? After going through the process I assure you, I couldn’t have done it without you. The legal stuff that is involved is mind boggling. I had in my mind that it would take approximately five years to sell and complete the transaction. You laughed and said we’d be done in about a year. You were right. Thanks, Bill, for everything you’ve done above and beyond. Your vast knowledge and past experiences are priceless! I would highly recommend you to anyone I know who would be in the position to want to sell OR buy a business.

Gary Hunter, former owner Hunter’s CARSTAR

I hold the professionals that I deal with to a very high standard. I expect phone calls returned and emails replied to right away. I expect honest and accurate answers to my questions. You delivered on all fronts and provided absolutely phenomenal support. I intend to do more business with you in the future.

Avery Soderman, President & CEO, Wells & Sons Chimney Service, Inc.

I would like to extend my thanks to the both of you for all of your work in selling my business. I truly appreciate the conscientious efforts you put forth on my behalf throughout the entire sales process. I felt I was represented fairly and honestly, always having my best interests in mind.

Don Lawrence, ServiceMaster

When offers were made, the facts and your thoughts were presented with complete honesty and clarity and each offer was evaluated in my best interest. This is an impression I will never forget and am so thankful for. While the typical ‘salesman’ would have pushed to close a deal quickly in order to grab a paycheck, you both were the exact opposite – patient, reassuring and confident we’d find the right situation for me and the future of my company.

Dan Prasalowicz, President, Mr. Sandless, Inc.

Jeff worked very hard and found a highly-qualified buyer for my company, which enabled me to get a great value and cash out on my years of hard work.

Don Depew, Allpower Generator Sales & Service, LLC

I want to thank you for your efforts with the sale of my business and property. I think today went really well given all the potential problems. Your company is a CLASS ACT from top to bottom. I look forward to doing much more business with you.

John T. Geiss, President, Thad, Inc.

Thank you both so much for all of your hard work in putting this deal together. I would not hesitate to use your services again and/or refer you to another business owner like myself. The simple fact that you were responsive and efficient in dealing with the issues goes a long way.

K. Schmidt, President, K and L Schmidt, Inc.

I chose The Bridlebrook Group, and Jeff MacAdam in particular, because I sensed he was transparent and had an excellent work ethic. I never heard an excuse, an empty promise, or was never pacified with a trite answer. He handled inquiries with the utmost respect and common sense, and he executed consistently until he brought results, maintaining relentless optimism. He has incredible determination, integrity and always kept us on task. In fact, Jeff delivered the most straightforward and diligent representation I have ever experienced from any broker in any field, period. Though I was initially skeptical about hiring a broker, paying Jeff’s fee turned out to be the best decision I made during the sale of my business.

Jon Kontz, Kontz Holdings LLC

You guys are the best! Thanks so much for all your help in putting this deal together. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you over the past few months, as your easy-going yet highly professional attitudes put me at ease. From the very beginning, I felt like I was in good hands, which you have now proven by selling my business.

Eve D, Personal Services Business

From the very beginning of the process, you made me feel comfortable and I knew that I was in good hands. You handled every aspect of this deal with professionalism and confidence, which made life easier for me.

A. Leshner, President, Bensalem Financial, Inc

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