Thinking of Selling Your Business?

The process we have designed at The Bridlebrook Group enables business owners to get answers to ALL of their questions BEFORE a decision is made to market the business for sale – and – we provide these answers without cost or obligation. For most of our clients, it begins with one fundamental question: How much is my business worth?

Once a decision is made, we will handle every step of the selling process:

  • Assessing financial, operational, and other strengths
  • Preparing the business for the market
  • Confidentially identifying qualified buyers
  • Negotiating the structure of the deal
  • Closing the transaction
Selling Process diagram to sell your business

Maximize Value & Transition Smoothly

Selling a business is often difficult and complex. Aligning yourself with an experienced and professional intermediary will provide for fewer pitfalls and obstacles during the selling process while allowing you to make informed and well-advised decisions along the way. Our top priority is your best interest throughout this process. Not only does this enable you to maximize the value of your business, but it also allows you to keep your focus on what’s equally important – running your business.

If you may have an interest in selling your business or even if you are just curious about its value, call us at (610) 325-7066 or simply contact us here. All inquiries are kept in the strictest of confidence.

We also provide answers to sellers’ most frequently asked questions here.