Tip #5: Business Owners Who Do It All!

Tip 5-Walking on a tight rope while juggling and spinning hula hoops

You might be a business owner who can do it all, but that’s not going to help you sell your business.

A business owner who wears all the hats may be impressive, but it’s often grounds for concern among potential buyers. If the people interested in your business cannot replicate your skills, your do-it-all approach may intimidate them.

Consider putting together a quality management team to help your business look appealing on the market. Not sure where to begin? The list below is an overview of business areas where there could be room for growth.

Keep in mind that, depending on the size of your company, creating an entire new department may not be necessary. Hiring one or two quality employees in the area where you need help may do the trick.

Operations: During the holiday season, UPS needs the best operations team it can get. The 3 million boxes in transit two weeks before Christmas add a heavy burden to operational matters. If running your business involves ample attention to detail, you may benefit from hiring one or more operations professionals.

Finances: Money is an enormous stressor, so filling this role can go a long way toward granting peace-of-mind to prospective buyers. If your budget is adding an extra layer of tension to everyday tasks at your business, consider hiring a financial expert.

Marketing: The marketing department oversees branding, marketing, and sales strategy. It is their job to be intimately familiar with your company, distinguish it from competitors, and instill your brand into customers’ minds. If the success of your company depends largely on marketing, you should hire staff that specializes in brand strategy.

Technology: Hiring technology specialists is a good move if your company relies heavily on computers.  This department should be aware of trending technologies and work to integrate those trends as needed. Technology professionals should know the best strategies for integrating new innovations into your company, and they should be able to prioritize them to fit your budget.

Building Your Expert Management Team

Creating new positions and filling them with quality professionals will do wonders for your business’s appeal. If you can take a close look at where your business practices could use extra attention, create positions, and fill them with the right people, you will be one giant step closer to selling your business at a high price.

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